The Top 100 European Software vendors


  • Viviane Reding

    Viviane Reding

    Once again, the Truffle 100 brings into focus Europe’s dynamic software industry, which more than ever in these uncertain economic times holds out hope for creation of jobs and wealth. The European software industry is distinguished by its capacity for innovation, tremendous technical skills, and highly skilled engineering workforce. These are all advantages in a time of industrial consolidation. But Europe still needs to produce not just one or two but tens of global champions in order to respond to the pressures of competition.

    The paradigm changes that are sweeping the industry – from software as a service to open source software – may be Europe’s best bet to catch up, since we are strong in these areas. At both national and European levels there is a great willingness to support Europe’s software companies. We welcome the arrival of this year’s Truffle 100 as a highly regarded and very valuable tool in measuring and highlighting their progress.

    Viviane Reding
    EU Commissioner for Information Society & Media
  • Léo Apotheker

    Léo Apotheker

    OIn the last few months, the global economy has become even more challenging and taken unexpected turns. Software is a vital element of the global economy, and is woven into all aspects of business and commerce. We are facing challenges today that we have not faced before. But I firmly believe that our industry – IT – has the ability to initiate change and turn adversity into an advantage like no other industry can. And as a result, help the economy regain its strength. Indeed, effective adoption of IT and software will be instrumental for Europe in establishing global leadership in the digital economy – a prerequisite for sustaining growth, jobs, and productivity in the next decade.

    It is our daily business at SAP to reinvent and adapt ourselves to the ever-changing demands of our customers. This ability has made SAP the worldwide leader in business applications in the past, and has lead to our leading the Truffle 100 three years in a row. I strongly believe that strategic agility is what is needed for a company to thrive in a global networked economy.

    In a time that demands both focus and transparency from companies, it is software solutions that enable businesses to do so. SAP’s more than 35 years of experience has demonstrated that we continue to benefit greatly from what we call our “ecosystem.” We can achieve much greater – and more sustainable – benefits for our customers if we work in cooperation and not in competition.

    The overall paradigm is shifting: We are moving from vertical value chains to business networks. We see the signs that prove it. 1) An increased focus on customers and their needs instead of an internal company-centric approach, and 2) The “command and control” attitude has ceased to work. In today’s economy, business is all about the connection and collaboration within an ecosystem. Having said that, it is clear that the best model of doing business will be relationship driven well into the future.

    “The software industry is synonymous with innovation – today’s economy is driven by great ideas fuelled by software solutions.” I said this to you two years ago. I still believe that today, this is truer than ever. I hope that we all succeed in driving innovation farther, and that the software sector can once again demonstrate agility and provide it to businesses of all kinds and sizes in these challenging times.

    Léo Apotheker
    Eco-CEO, SAP AG
  • Bernard-Louis Roques

    Bernard-Louis Roques

    We are pleased to present the latest version of the Truffle 100, the leading ranking of the top 100 software vendors in Europe. Economic uncertainty notwithstanding, we remain highly optimistic about the future of the European software industry. The Truffle 100 vendors have always shown great resilience in the face of difficulties and we can count on them to remain a strategic and dynamic engine of value growth for European economies.

    Creative, relentlessly innovative, strong investors in R&D (over 15% of revenues), Europe’s vendors are a major provider of new, highly qualified jobs as well as a major contributor of tax revenues (1 bne). The industry continues to undergo massive transformations as it confronts two major trends: consolidation at a global level and the emergence of new business models such as Software as a Service and Open Source.

    To help our industry meet these challenges, we urge European authorities to take swift and bold action. Necessary reforms include setting up an European SBA (small Business Act) actively promoting at an european level the Young Innovative Company (YIC) tax efficient framework, and facilitating access to R&D programs for SMEs by cutting unnecessary administrative steps. Only then will European vendors be able to compete on an equal footing with their American counterparts.

    I want to thank IDC, CXP and the National trade associations for their work and support in preparing the Truffle 100.

    Bernard-Louis Roques ,
    General Partner & co-Founder,
    Truffle Capital