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Viviane Reding

The Truffle 100 turns the spotlight on the European software industry which occupies an ever larger place in today’s advanced economies.Europe is home to numerous world-class champions, which grow both organically and through acquisitions and sell their products throughout the world. We can be proud of that! There is room for more champions, and my guess is many of the small vendors of today will join the champion’s league in the years to come.

The top 100 vendors that constitute this year’s Truffle 100 are important to our countries not only because they are dynamic, but also because year after year they create thousands of highly qualified jobs both locally and throughout the continent. They are innovators that invest massively in R&D, inventing and developing new products all the time. They manage to surmount successfully the challenges of an industry characterized by periodic disruptions & rapid changes.

The software industry is as strategic as it is a vector for growth, innovation, job creation and progress. National & European authorities have become fully aware of this, and the Truffle 100 serves as a useful contribution.

Viviane Reding
EU Commissioner for Information Society & Media

Paul Walker

The European software industry is more agile and innovative than it is often given credit for. Sage’s success in building a global business demonstrates howcompanies can benefit from the complexity of market regulation, which is usually seen as a barrier to business growth. Sage’s business model is based on tailoring its software solutions to local market business practices and national regulatory regimes. This strategy of supplying our customers with locally tailored, value-added software solutions has led to our strong growth. The software market is constantly adapting to new technologies. Customers are willing to pay for excellent service that helps them run their businesses more efficiently. Increasing use of broadband and the internet offer exciting opportunities for European software companies. Continuous service models - “software-as-a-service”, “on-demand” solutions- are also growing trends. Developments in technology, greater demand for customised solutions, the increasing use of value-addedsolutions services provide a rich source of future growth from which Sage and its European software peers are well-placed to benefit.

Paul Walker
CEO, The Sage Group plc

Dr Mike Lynch

Autonomy’s success since its inception in 1996 demonstrates that European companies can become leaders on the global scene if they retain
an innovative and dynamic spirit. A world-leading provider of infrastructure software for unstructured information and meaning-based technologies, Autonomy has grown strongly organically which has allowed it a sector-defining acquisition of its US former competitor Verity (US$500 million) and Z, a global leader in content archiving and electronic discovery solutions (US$375million). Truffle 100’s 2007 European Award recognizes Autonomy’s rapid and persistent growth to become one of the largest software companies in Europe with a market cap of US$4 billion, over 17,000 customers and over 350 of the world’s software companies building their products on Autonomy.

Dr Mike Lynch
CEO, Autonomy Corporation plc

Bernard-Louis Roques

The Truffle 100 ranks ranks and analyzes the top 100 software vendors in Europe. It is compiled by Truffle Capital from research conducted by IDC and CXP, released at the EU Commission with the support of Agoria (BE), Aitech (IT), Bitkom (GE), Intellect (UK) and Syntec (FR). Software is a strategic industry that is experiencing growth and rapid transformation, and which serves as an engine of job and value creation for the European economies. With over 175 000 employees and a R&D workforce of 38 000, the Truffle 100 collectively represents a major provider of highly qualified jobs in Europe.

Thanks to significant growth and strong investments the job creation machine is working full steam! The Truffle 100 vendors are relentless innovators, constantly committed to building new generations of products. They invest 15% of their revenues in R&D, which amounted to 3 bn€ last year. Notwithstanding the deep transformation and the massive global consolidation this industry is going through, including the challenges of new business models such as “Saas” (Software as a service) and Open source, the Truffle 100 collectively manage to make up to 2.8 bn€ in aggregated profits … which makes them a very attractive 1.5 bn€ net tax contributor. That is indeed a flagship industry that deserves to be supported and favoured!

Bernard-Louis Roques ,
General Partner & co-Founder,
Truffle Capital